Franklin not only taught me skill, but independence. With each lesson, I learned to identify my own mistakes and adjust accordingly. His methods allowed me to sustain my techniques between sessions. Be prepared to gain an excellent teacher, and a lifelong friend.

Isabella M.

Freelance Artist

I started lessons as a beginner overflowing with insecurities.. Per the course of a mere year, i’ve gained more confidence than ever imagined. Frank’s rich background in classical music gave me a strong foundation we translated into other genres. He has the best ear in the business. An incredible coach and an even better person who is an utter joy to be around.

Xuan Kusek

Freelance Artist

A very thoughtful and passionate teacher. He teaches a self-sustaining technique, healthy placement, foreign language diction all the while making music theory fun and accessible. I went to Franklin to riff and belt safely across different genres.

Paloma P.

Freelance Artist and Educator

A wonderful teacher and coach. He does any excellent job at explaining every technique. Lessons are always informative and fun.

I’ve never felt comfortable with someone hearing my singing and it being “awkward.” Franklin made a comfortable and encouraging environment to where I can actually relax and learn.

Elyse & Daniel F.

Worship Leaders

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